Money Back Guarantee

Braindumpspdf provides best products for certification Exams.

However, we also provide moneyback guarantee for our products, if you failed in any exam and want your money back we can provide that without any trouble. We will just refund your payments without any inquiries.

We have some procedures and policies, you can follow these simple procedures for refund but don’t forget to read the refund policy before making any claim

Payment Refund Procedure:

We offer a very simple and precise payment refund procedure, you just need to follow following steps and we will refund your money:

1. Scan one copy of your enrollment slip in certification exam, so that we make sure your appearance date in certification exam.

2. Send a scanned copy of result card

3. Send the order number of purchased product

4. Send the payment method you used.

5. For refund you can mail your details at (email address) You can opt among repayment or purchase a new product from our list. We assure you refund in 7 working days.

Payment Refund Policy:

For convenience of our customers and reduce scamming and continuation of money back guarantee for our precious customers we need to make sure of certain things before refund. These are:

1. Aspirant has prepared for Certification exams and spent at least 7 days studying purchased material.

2. Candidate appeared in exam and did not missed if due to any reasons.

3. The product was purchased from our store within last 90 days.

4. Guarantee does not apply to "non-proctored" exams i.e. exams available online without a proctor.

5. Our Guarantee Policy is not applicable to Cloudera,Avaya,AWS, Dell,MS CRM ,HPE, SSCP & SAP Exams

6. No refund for Retired Exams, If any customer attends the old exam with our products we are not obliged to refund the money.

7. We don't offer the refund on bundle/package and so a purchaser cannot claim the guarantee over these products.